Effect Neon international B.V.

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Effect Neon international BV was founded in 1975 at Klaaswaal, the Netherlands. We now have over 30 years experience in the neon signs business.


Effect Neon manufactures and assembles neon signs and illuminated signs produced in its own glass-works. Illuminated signs carrying LED illumination are another possibility.


We also manufacture cold cathode tubes for interior lighting. All our products are being created in close contact with the customer.


Effect Neon distinguishes itself from its competitors by great flexibility in rush-orders and made-to-measure orders.


Effect Neon is a member of SI'BON (acknowledged sign maker)www.sibon.nl and UNETO (acknowledged installer)www.uneto-vni.nl, so that we can guarantee a perfect design, safety and quality.


Effect Neon started a regional office on Aruba in 1993. Here we also have our own glass-works. Thanks to this our customers in the Caribean can count on a supplier of neon signs that meets with the European standards of quality- and safety regulations.


These are our main assets:

  • uick neon glass repair by our own glass-works;
  • all illuminated signs are produced in accordance with the European standards for 
        illuminated signs. These standards are commonly known as NEN-EN50107;
  • assembly is carried out by V.C.A.-engineers;
  • Effect Neon has over 30 years experience in neon signs, neon artworks and 
        interior lighting.


 NEW! Special department for truck lettering.

Effect Neon B.V.

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